Spinning ice floes reveal intensification of mesoscale eddies in the western Arctic Ocean | Scientific Reports – Nature.com



  • Satellite tv for pc Imagery. Sea ice measurements are retrieved from Modeprice Decision Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) optical picturery (Diploma 1B 250M). This dataset Might be immediately downloaded from the open-entry Earth Observing System Knowledge And information System (EOSDIS) Worldview platform (https://worldview.earthdata.nasa.gov). On this research, each Corrected Reflectance True and False Colour pictures spanning spring and summer time from 2003 to 2020 are make use ofed. The reader is referpurple to the work of Lopez-Acosta et al.15 and Wolfe et al.41 for particularations relating to satellite acquisitions.

  • Ocean SSH. We make use of measurements of month-to-month dynamic ocean topography (DOT) and geostrophic velocity currents Inside the Arctic basin retrieved by Armitage et al.29,42. These measurements mix SSH estimates from open and ice-coated waters derived from Envisat (2003–2011) and CryoSat-2 (2012–2014).

  • Environment. The influence of atmospheric forcing is assessed using ERA5 10 m wind velocity reanalysis data (out there with a temporal resolution of 1 h and a spatial resolution of 0.25(^{circ })). The product is distrihowevepurple by The eu Centre for Medium-Differ Climate26.

  • Sea Ice Space Index. It is outlined As a Outcome of the world coated by sea ice relative to The complete area of the Beaufort Sea (983,663 km(^2)). It is obtained from the Nationbroad Sea Ice Knowledge Center (NSIDC) Sea Ice Space Index data product43 at 25 km with Daily temporal resolution.

  • Sea Ice Focus. We consider sea ice concentration to discard work togetherions between recognized ice floes. It is obtained from the NSIDC product MASAM244. Daily concentrations are obtained at 4 km resolution by blfinishing remarks from the Multisensor Analyzed Sea Ice Extent (MASIE) and the Superior Microwave Scanning Radiometer 2 (AMSR2) merchandise.

  • Beaufort Gyre Moorings. Mooring velocity measurements are analysed to estimate the power of imply currents and the subfloor eddy kiinternetic power. The information (and its description) from the 4 BG moorings named A, B, C, and D (places proven in Supp. Fig. 5) Might be downloaded from the Beaufort Gyre Exploration Enterprise internet website: https://www2.whoi.edu/website/beaufortgyre/data/mooring-data/.

Oceanic circulate indices

  • Regional imply circulate velocity. We characterised the power of oceanic and atmospheric forcing Inside the BG from kiinternetic power (KE) estimates. The oceansonal oceanic and the wind floor KE is calculated as (KE_o=frac{1}{2}rho _o huge (<u_o^2>+<v_o^2> huge )) and (KE_w=frac{1}{2}rho _w huge (<u_w^2>+<…….

    Source: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-022-10712-z

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